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The Setup - eBook


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The much-anticipated memoir of Dan Bilzerian is almost here! Dan takes readers on a wild ride, from his anything-but-normal childhood, to the insanity that has followed him on his journey to becoming one of the most famous people in the world. Read about his upbringing, military service, gambling, guns and other toys, and about girls. Lots of girls. And for the first time, Dan talks openly about how he was able to live unapologetically live his dreams using a simple method that he calls The Setup.

The Setup is jam-packed with crazy stories and incredible photos that bring readers into the world of Dan Bilzerian.

English & Spanish e-book available for download now.

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Trever Kirk

Good, read it all

호신 연
I love it

it's changing my mindset and view of the world. Thank you very much Dan

Luke Skywalker
What is the best life setup?

Dan’s 500 page book, “The Setup”, was hard to put down. Overall, the book captured the key moments in Dan’s life and takes the reader on a journey of living life on your own terms and what that can vividly look like in excess. Dans unique story is like no other. He has a whirlwind of crazy stories from: parties on boats with hot babes; traveling the world promoting his brand with hot babes, to how he made it BIG in the private poker world surrounded by hot babes to be able to do all that extravagant living in the 1st place..to discovering his unlocked potential through trial and errors beginning with the navy seals military training (with no hot babes lol).

Everything Dan accomplished so far in his life paints a clear picture of what an ideal life of living for oneself in full hedonism looks like. It is a temporary, constant adrenaline rush, like an addiction, but never ever being completely fulfilling. Dan captures the essence of a rockstar lifestyle that is very calculated and truly a “Set up” done right. Only lacking in spirit. However, in achieving everything that you’ve ever desired from being rich & famous comes great responsibility, harassment, politics, and endless repercussions. The Good and the bad.

I find it enlightening how Dan feels empty at the end of it all. I quote from page 460: “..I was losing my soul in the process. I’d truly reach the limits of excess and found that there was no happiness there.”

I think the key of life is to find ways in which you can give back to society instead of just increasing your own self-worth. It is an endless pit trying to drag you down; to chase your personal desires to become greater than before, as it leads nowhere fulfilling. A “black hole” Dan describes. Addictions, money, fame and fortune can only do so much. A means to an end. You will feel empty and never fully be at peace with yourself, no matter how much you make, how much **** you have, new destinations you travel too and how many bets you make. Happiness > Pleasure. Our society messes that up.
Dan’s wisest piece is on page 461: “Happiness comes from doing the things you love, having meaningful relationships, helping people, working towards a goal, and being at peace with yourself. Happiness is a state of mind, not something that you need to feed, and it can last a lifetime if you keep your mind right.”

I would argue from personal experiences that Dan just needs Jesus. Like everything missing from his life is unconditional love and the peace that Christ provides to us if we seek and ask him. To each their own, but overall a life of excess is fun for awhile, but every roller coaster ride has a stopping point—even if that includes being lost, or death of your soul. I’ll highlight the key takeaway from the book, which is you can really do anything you set your mind too. You can work hard for yourself and achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, but if you dig even deeper you’ll eventually discover something greater beyond self-pleasure. Happiness within your soul. Perseverance wins the race. Don’t give up. It takes a good strategy with clear goals to be where you want to be. Seek and you shall find!
~Luke Skywalker


I had to buy your book twice!! The downloads kept cumming up missing! But most surely the best informative I ever had, what a winning formula! Now I had a more easy fool proof way of playing hard to get with those types of guys! Dan Bilzerian reminds me of a guy in my past or maybe it was just a trigger rememory, great author anyways and maybe just maybe, maybe one day he could look at himself like me! A hero and a stand up role model , good luck Dan B.

That's some **** I couldn't put down!

Dan is exactly in this book as you see on social media, but now we get an insight as to why he is like he is. Misunderstood and unapologetically authentic to say the least. The world needs more of that.