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The Setup - Hardcover
Mingxuan Liang
Book quality

Honestly I wish all the books have the quality as good as this one

The Setup - Paperback
jaime janer conejo


What a life.

This book was a very enjoyable read. Short chapters, photos and wild stories. Dan is misunderstood by the masses/mainstream. He’s very honest/blunt and does literally whatever he wants to, which usually is the kind of thing that triggers the mainstream/masses who are miserable in their everyday lives. Al though I do not completely agree with his version of ‘The Setup’ I do think he’s spot on as far as the concept itself. Set yourself up in the meantime so you’ll be able to live how you want to in the future without as much work/stress. It’s a very important piece of advice that unfortunately never sinks in for most people.

The Setup - eBook
John Webert
Incredible book

This book will put you into shock and you may possibly need medical attention after hearing these dope **** stories

Interesting, exciting, and inspiring

I have not completely finished reading the book yet but I am roughly half way through it. So far, I have gotten interested in Dan Bilzerian history, his upbringing, his struggles, etc. I was interested from the get go on how he became the person he is and his personality traits. It is cool to see how he wants to make people perceive him in a certain way and does this very successfully, especially in poker. His stories are exciting because they are outrages and extreme, filled with gambling, drugs, alcohol, women, traveling, a lot of expensive stuff (houses, cars, planes, etc.), and on top of that, his Navy Seals training. Lastly, I see it as inspiring because he does not claim to be perfect in any way shape or form but shares his honest story of how he has gotten to where he is in life. This shows his ups and downs, which people can learn from.
I also ove how he double downs on his value of honesty and from the book seems like a radically honest person.

I'll most likely have a lot of fun with finishing my read through the setup.

Great stories

I haven't finished the book yet, I am about halfway, but this is already a very fun book. It's got some wild stories and some interesting lessons in it too. The book is well designed and organized as well. Super fun read.

The Setup - eBook
William Guttersen
Extremely entertaining!

Dan’s story is fun and entertaining! There’s much more to this man than what you see on his Instagram.

The Setup - eBook
Fabian Jura
Dan the man

Love him or hate him. I can guarantee this **** inspires, motivates or teaches you something.

The Setup - eBook
Bogdan Sharko

Dan is very smart and had a lot of helpful thoughts, thanks.

Best. Book. I’ve. Read.

I hate reading but couldn’t put this thing down! 10/10 recommend!

The Setup - Paperback
Robert Simek

The book never arrived

The Setup - eBook
Reece Fenrich

Unreal book

The Setup - eBook
Tate Douglas

The Setup - eBook

The Setup - Paperback
Charlton Sherry

Hi still no arrival. Please let me know what’s happening. Thanks.

Very well put together


Dan’s book was the first book I’ve read in a long time that I actually finished and enjoyed reading. The chapters are super short and tell small outrageous stories about Dan’s life one at a time so it easily keeps your attention. Truly let’s you look behind all the show and see the type of person Dan really is

The Setup - Paperback
Garrett Friede
Best book I’ve ever read

This book is so good I could hardly put it down. I’m usually a slow reader but I ran through this book in two weeks

Amazing read

An incredible life told with total sincerity.

The Setup - Paperback
cameron key

Great book! Enjoyed the read.

The Setup - Paperback
Aaron Eckstein
Exhilarating book that you cannot put down - fun read

What a fun book to read. Love the short chapters and pictures. Dan has a wild life and he takes you inside to get a first-hand view. Highly recommend!

The Setup - eBook
Luis Tagarro

The Setup - eBook

The Setup - eBook
Patrick P.
Great honest insight on a “normal” guy who made it. Big.

I think you must have a little bit of an idea of how this life with multiple women works, to imagine this level of that lifestyle. I can imagine, the average dude with three girls in his life will not believe most of the stories.

But anyways, its a fascinating story and for sure everybody can learn some lessons from that, especially about the psychology of the average girl.

It took me only a few hours to read it.

My personal highlight: a-celebs being stuned by “the setup”

Great work Dan.

The Setup - Hardcover
Aussie Kizirian
The Adventure!

The book takes you on a crazy adventure. Always surprises some good and some really bad. I can’t stop reading it. Really hard to put it down.

The Setup - Paperback
Matthew Garrett
This books hard af

An exceptional read!

Actually good life lessons throughout the craziness