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The Setup - Hardcover

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The much-anticipated memoir of Dan Bilzerian is almost here! Dan takes readers on a wild ride, from his anything-but-normal childhood, to the insanity that has followed him on his journey to becoming one of the most famous people in the world. Read about his upbringing, military service, gambling, guns and other toys, and about girls. Lots of girls. And for the first time, Dan talks openly about how he was able to live unapologetically live his dreams using a simple method that he calls The Setup.

The Setup is jam-packed with crazy stories and incredible photos that bring readers into the world of Dan Bilzerian.

Customer Reviews

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Great read

Very impressed with this work! It is a source of inspiration for creating a great setup in your life. The stories and the way the author is honest about his experiences created more of an understanding of his lifestyle. Very entertaining as well.

The title covers the whole Ethos of the book

This simple but complex masterpiece has a lot to unpack from a person that lives in a hyper intensified version of reality in every way possible

ismael guevara
you can do whatever you want in this life

written out good

Maris Bikse
So fun to read and things to learn about women's

Thank you for this book. I could finish it in 3 evenings, even if there is 450+ pages, but I enjoyed all those stories so much, that I decided to read it for longer haha. Very great story from a little Dan who got bullied everywhere till the guy who is known to almost everyone. I love the setup and it actually works and I was using the strategy already before in my life and didn't even realised that it could be some kind of strategy to be attractive to womens. So now after reading this book everything got clear why it actually is happening like that with me and women's arround me. I suggest this book to every guy who likes money, crazy **** and girls. Thank you!

Yannick Ulmann
Great Book !

Loving all the transparency & honesty !