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The Setup - eBook


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The much-anticipated memoir of Dan Bilzerian is almost here! Dan takes readers on a wild ride, from his anything-but-normal childhood, to the insanity that has followed him on his journey to becoming one of the most famous people in the world. Read about his upbringing, military service, gambling, guns and other toys, and about girls. Lots of girls. And for the first time, Dan talks openly about how he was able to live unapologetically live his dreams using a simple method that he calls The Setup.

The Setup is jam-packed with crazy stories and incredible photos that bring readers into the world of Dan Bilzerian.

English & Spanish e-book available for download now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 270 reviews

I had to buy your book twice!! The downloads kept cumming up missing! But most surely the best informative I ever had, what a winning formula! Now I had a more easy fool proof way of playing hard to get with those types of guys! Dan Bilzerian reminds me of a guy in my past or maybe it was just a trigger rememory, great author anyways and maybe just maybe, maybe one day he could look at himself like me! A hero and a stand up role model , good luck Dan B.

That's some **** I couldn't put down!

Dan is exactly in this book as you see on social media, but now we get an insight as to why he is like he is. Misunderstood and unapologetically authentic to say the least. The world needs more of that.

Deshaun Hamilton
Highly recommend!

So **** good. The stories, vignettes... great book. Lotta respect for Dan after reading this.

Irek Blásquez

It is a very interesting book that gives a lot of life advice that I have come to apply and in a short time, you can see the results and be a testimony of it. He has a lot of knowledge and you learn things that you would never have learned if it weren't for the experience. Greetings from Mexico

Georgios Tsorbatzoglou

My respect for Dan grew more since I've read this book.