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The Setup - Paperback

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The much-anticipated memoir of Dan Bilzerian is here! Dan takes readers on a wild ride, from his anything-but-normal childhood, to the insanity that has followed him on his journey to becoming one of the most famous people in the world. Read about his upbringing, military service, gambling, guns and other toys, and about girls. Lots of girls. And for the first time, Dan talks openly about how he was able to live unapologetically live his dreams using a simple method that he calls The Setup.

The Setup is jam-packed with crazy stories and incredible photos that bring readers into the world of Dan Bilzerian.

Customer Reviews

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Georgio Khelawan

Smashing incredible absolutely amazing

Sambor Tywoniuk

The Setup - Paperback

James Campbell
Couldn’t put it down

Never in my life have I not wanted to go to sleep so I could continue reading a book. I read the whole 500 pages in 4 sittings. Fascinating & hilarious. A crazy life documented with honesty. Congrats Dan


Good quality, fast international shipping.
I originally pirated this book but it was so good I decided to buy it because the author deserves the money.

Ben Hirons
Hyper-Valuable Stimulating Epic Adventure

One of my favourite reads ever. Dan’s life is so extraordinary that the book feels like world-class fictional escapism, except it’s real.

I’ve been recommending it to all of the men in my life, it’s written as an autobiography, which makes it more valuable than a self-help book.

Reading it is like experiencing life through Dan’s mindset, and you get to take certain lessons forward into your own life.

It’s not a stretch to say that my life has tangibly improved directly as a result of reading The Setup, I have become far less neurotic and gotten a huge amount of power back over my anxiety. I feel like i’m back in charge of my life and my mood.

This book came at the perfect time for me and I’m forever grateful that I was able to internalise a lot of the powerful lessons within it.

Love and respect to Dan and everyone involved with getting this thing created and out there.