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The Setup - Paperback

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The much-anticipated memoir of Dan Bilzerian is almost here! Dan takes readers on a wild ride, from his anything-but-normal childhood, to the insanity that has followed him on his journey to becoming one of the most famous people in the world. Read about his upbringing, military service, gambling, guns and other toys, and about girls. Lots of girls. And for the first time, Dan talks openly about how he was able to live unapologetically live his dreams using a simple method that he calls The Setup.

The Setup is jam-packed with crazy stories and incredible photos that bring readers into the world of Dan Bilzerian.

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shout out Paul Bilz!!

Evgeniy Derevyanko
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Samuel Horoski

The Setup - Paperback

Charles Butler

Great book

Alex Valencia
Craziest Autobiography I've Ever Read!

My first impression when reading this book was "Holy ****! Holy ****! Holy ****! This really happened?! ****! ****!...****!" And that was after getting past chapter 3. I've heard about Dan Bilzerian a couple of times, but didn't know much about him besides being called "Instagram famous". There's a lot of ****, a lot of drugs, a lot of ****-raising, and everything else in between that I didn't know existed before. There's also a lot of nuggets containing life lessons on succeeding by learning and failing fast, how denying yourself happiness does harm to your psyche, why you shouldn't negate your authenticity when you really like someone, prioritizing money as gifts instead of loans to friends and family, appreciating your success from time to time, taking pride in who you are as a person instead of how you identify with race or religion, pursuing a message bigger than yourself, defining happiness and pleasure, and cyclists are pussies. This book won't be for everyone and that's okay. I'm glad I found this book because it gave me an uncensored look into the world of fame and the lifestyle required to keep it. But it's also giving me a smack in the head to start making my own dreams bigger. Thank you for sharing your story Dan!